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Work History

This is your chance to highlight your previous experience.

Even if you feel it may be trivial, include all your past experience. If a past job seems irrelevant, give it a twist. For example:

  • You spent 2 summers as a McDonald's cashier while at university. Highlight the customer service experience or time management skills.
  • If you walked dogs for a year as a teenager and got paid to do so, chalk that up to entrepreneurial and leadership skills for running your own successful business.
  • If you volunteered, highlight the team building or team leading skills gained.

Each previous experience illustrates who you are, your story and gives an Employer further insight into the quality of previous experience.

Employers want to get to know you in a snap shot, so just be yourself.

It is extremely important that you portray yourself in an honest light from the very outset-starting with your profile. Employers don't expect perfection. In fact if someone seems too good to be true, they probably are.

So be honest, be yourself and start off on the right foot.

IMPORTANT: contact information such as phone number, email, surnames, or other contact info will not be approved (This is for your security as all Employers are vetted by us; Employers will only contact you through our site).


This is your chance to tell Employers a little bit about yourself. Your biography will be one of the first things they read when they look at your profile, so include information such as:

  • Who you are and where you?re from
  • Your education and industry experience
  • Your strengths, key skills and career aspirations
  • Your achievements, interests and hobbies

Make sure you create a good impression by putting your best foot forward and selling yourself, but remember to also keep it concise.

Uploading your profile picture

90% of Employers ignore profiles without a profile picture so if you want to be contacted, make sure people can put a face to your name!

It?s free to upload your profile picture, which can be seen by anyone viewing your profile.

Please be aware all candidate's profile pictures will be checked to ensure they comply with our full terms and conditions. Content or links to any profane, pornographic, racist or offensive material is strictly monitored, and EmployMe reserves the right to block or delete any profile that violates our terms of use.

Files must be in .gif, .png or .jpg format and less than 1MB. Once uploaded, you?ll be prompted to crop/resize/rotate the photo to fit our profile picture parameters.

Photo guidelines

To ensure your photo is of good quality, we recommend it's at least 100KB.

Make sure you crop other people out of your photo so there is no confusion whose profile it is.

We do not allow photos of children or photos of you as a child.

Photos must not be sexually explicit or offensive. Bare chests, swimsuits and other revealing clothing may be rejected.

A recent, happy and natural photo is the best way to impress potential employers. We recommend you choose one that was taken in the last six months.

Who sees my profile?

Your profile, including your video, can be seen by anyone searching on, including people who have not signed up. Your CV and contact details are visible only to registered Employers you have chosen to connect with. You can manage your profile visibility settings in the ?Privacy & Settings? tab on your Job Seeker dashboard.

What does the Employer see on my profile?

Employers and public visitors are able to view your first name and the first letter of your last name, your profile picture, biography, video, and your answers to the profile creation questions. You can hide your profile from people who aren't signed in and specific organisations by changing your settings in the ?Privacy & Settings? tab on your Job Seeker dashboard.

Are any of my contact details seen on my public profile?

No, your contact details are only visible to Employers whose connection request you have accepted.

How does an employer contact me?

Employers can purchase credits, which they trade to connect with Job Seekers. When a Job Seeker accepts a connection request, the Employer?s account is debited.

Can just anybody purchase my contact details?

Only Employers with a registered business ABN/ACN and all relevant business details can create an account and connect with Job Seekers.

How do I know if someone has looked at my profile?

There is a summary of your profile views on your Job Seeker Dashboard Overview page.

How will I know if a potential employer has received my contact details?

Once you accept an Employer?s connection request, your contact details (phone number & email) are automatically unlocked so they can contact you immediately.

What do I do when I get a job?

Please ensure your profile status is always up to date so everyone gets the most out of our service. You can change your availability on your Job Seeker Dashboard Overview page.

How do I change my user status?

Your user status will remain active as long as you log into your EmployMe account at least once a month. If you do not log in for a month, your user status will automatically be switched to inactive and you?ll be sent an email notifying you of the change. This means your profile will appear lower in search results, so if you?re still looking for a job you?ll want to rectify this quickly. To reactivate your status, simply log back in.

How do I delete my account?

If you?re no longer looking for a job, you can temporarily unpublish your profile. You can do this by clicking the ?unpublish? button in the Profile tab of your Job Seeker Dashboard. If you wish to permanently delete your profile, this can be done through the Settings tab of your Job Seeker Dashboard.

Who sees my profile?

By default, your profile can be seen by anyone searching on, including people who have not signed up. But your CV and contact details are visible only to registered Employers you have chosen to connect with. You can manage your profile visibility settings (i.e. hiding your profile from public search or specific Employers) in the ?Privacy & Settings? tab on your Job Seeker dashboard.

What do I do when I get a job?

To help make sure everyone gets the most out of our service, please always keep your availability up to date. You can change your availability from your Dashboard Overview page until next time you?re looking for a job.

What is the cost to contact a Job Seeker?

We have four credit packages available for different enterprise sizes and recruitment needs. Please see the Pricing or Employer Dashboard Buy Credits pages for more information and to purchase.

How do I contact a candidate I am interested in employing?

Once you have purchased one of the credit packages, simply click the ?Connect? button on the Job Seeker's profile you want to contact. They will be sent a connection request (valid for 5 days) and if they accept, you will be notified by email. Once you have connected, you are able to download the Job Seeker's CV and view their contact details immediately.

What if I cannot find a candidate to suit my particular business?

You can save your search terms and filters so when a Job Seeker matching your requirements registers or changes their availability, you be will notified by email. Simply click the ?Save this search? button at the bottom of the filters panel. You can manage your saved searches in the Employer Dashboard Saved Searches panel.

Why are Job Seekers' CVs hidden?

You are able to view information captured on a traditional CV on the Job Seeker's profile page, plus watch their video, so you learn a lot about them from just their profile. You must connect with the Job Seeker to download their CV and unlock their contact details, once you have done this you can keep their CV on file for future use if necessary.

Why do you have an expiry period on connection requests?

We try to make the employment process as simple and quick as possible, we believe that five days is a reasonable amount of time for a Job Seeker to respond to a connection request. If they do not respond before the request expires, your credit will be returned to you and you may request the same connection again or contact another Job Seeker.

What if a candidate has already been employed?

Please contact and we will refund your credit and change the Job Seeker?s status. We always endeavour to ensure all Job Seeker profiles remain up-to-date.

Can I advertise on your site?

Yes, for more information please email

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