Subscription fees

Join EmployMe as a Job Seeker is free. You just need to polish your profile and make a great video to show your personality.

  • Small Business

  • After you've accessed our Job Seeker, their CV's and their video resumes, it's time to meet your shortlist. The small business package lets you access full contact details from 3 genuine job-seekers actively seeking employment. The contact details are yours to keep forever.
  • Medium Enterprise

  • A mid-sized organisation will benefit from full genuine contact details of up to 8 candidates which you can keep in your personal database. All this after you've carefully compiled your shortlist by accessing our Job Seekers' CV's and video resumes.
  • Large Enterprise

  • Larger companies have a greater need for a database of potential employees. This package allows you full contact details of 15 genuine Job Seekers that you've already selected via their CV's and video resumes
  • Recruiter Package

  • As the name suggests, this package is tailor-made for professional recruiters, with access to 70 genuine contact details of people actively looking for jobs. Having been shortlisted via CV's and video resumes, your contacts will all be valuable ones.